Skin revision can be categorized into 2 types of services:

  • The removal of unwanted skin lesions such as skin tags, moles, warts, age spots, pregnancy mask, broken capillaries, milia (white bumps), syringomas, ruby points (dark red spots, ranging from pin-prick small to large), freckles and even minor tattoo removal (cosmetic and other)
  • The treatment for the reduction of wrinkles, acne scarring, keloid scarring, and stretchmarks

*The removal of pigmented age spots and moles may vary depending on size, and colour to subject to physician clearance. It's always important to have your physician look over these areas to ensure they're safe for removal


With Skin Revision, a method called Electrocautery is used to remove all unwanted skin lesions such as skin tags, broken capillaries and small blood vessels on the face/body, ruby points, moles/age spots, cosmetic tattoos/other small tattoos on the body, and more. Electrocautery uses heat from a tiny electric current attached to a small pen-like hand tool to safely destroy unwanted tissue. This method works on the unwanted tissues only, without damaging the surrounding area. The treated area is immediately closed off, creating a scab (making the risk of infection lower) that will fall off a few days post-procedure. Since the method is so targeted to only the unwanted tissue and not any tissue underneath or surrounding it, this is a very fast and safe method of lesion removal that will provide amazing results.


There will be some discomfort during the procedure, however numbing agents are used prior to beginning to help ease the level of pain you'll experience. Some liken the feeling to that of being tattooed, only with Electrocautery, the procedure for each lesion lasts literally seconds at a time before it's done, and that unwanted spot is gone before you know it! I recommend taking big breaths through your nose during the removal to keep as calm and non-reactive as possible.


While a larger mole may take 2 or 3 treatments before it's gone, most all other lesions only require one treatment to completely remove it. You may have several areas on your body that require electrocautery treatments or multiple lesions to treat. With regards to cosmetic tattoos and small tattoos on your body, this method will reduce them enough to be covered (some cosmetic tattoo removal may be completely removed) anywhere from 2-5 treatments, depending on the existing colors, your skin, and pigments already implanted. With all skin revision procedures, a consultation is required to accurately quote the price and predict how many treatments will be necessary.


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO HEAL? WILL IT SCAR? For smaller lesions, the initial healing time for the scab to naturally come off on its own should take only a 2-3 days post procedure, since the scabs are very shallow on the surface of the skin and are already formed/closed off the moment you are treated. Larger ones can take anywhere from 2-5 days, depending on the size and type of lesion to be removed. One of the biggest benefits to electrocautery procedures is that the skin is immediately closed off when you are treated and a scab forms, leaving no open or exposed areas which keeps the risk of infection minimal and speeds up healing time. After the scab initially falls off, there will be a red mark remaining that will gradually fade away anywhere from 2-8 weeks post-treatment as your skin regenerates, depending on your skin type. Typically, the more pigmented your skin is, the longer it will take for the red markings to fade out completely.

 Additionally, with most cases, fully healed results should leave minimal to no scarring, since, again, only the surface of your skin is treated and no underlying layers of skin are unnecessarily affected or destroyed. There can be a higher risk of some minor scarring resulting from removing larger moles and lesions, specifically if it is located anywhere from below your chest and down. Your risk of scarring, along with any other questions or concerns you may have, can be addressed and assessed during your consultation.


With Skin Revison, a method called Dry Needling is used to break down the tissue of the unwanted lines, scars, and stretch marks, stimulating the body's natural production of collagen, elasticity, and even melanin, so that over repeated treatments, the skin's dermal layer grows back and thickens, restoring the properties it once lost.

HOW IS DRY NEEDLING DONE? Using a cosmetic tattoo machine, the desired area to be treated is 'needled' with small, disposable needles, intentionally creating minor dermal damage and stimulating the production of collagen and elasticity in the skin as it repairs itself. The procedure is considerably fast as each area only needs to be treated one or two times unless scars are more deeper where more treatments are required. A numbing agent may be applied before starting to ease the level of discomfort you may experience.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO HEAL? The treated area will initially be swollen, red, and tender, which will start to reduce 24 hours post-procedure, and scabs will form and fall off after 4-5 days. (any marks during this time can be minimized with some light makeup) This is when the 'outer' healing is complete; the 'inner' healing, where the dermis regenerates to tighten and smooth the skin by creating collagen and melanin, will continue over 4 to 6 months following treatment.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO SEE RESULTS? You should start to see the results and benefits of your treatments in 4-6 months. While in some cases with fine lines and wrinkles, only one treatment is needed to see results, it is usually recommended to have a minimum of 3 treatments with medium/deep wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks and other scarring, 3-6 weeks apart, before noticing the results and effects of dry needling.


The following benefits and generalizations can be taken into consideration with regards to Dry Needling procedures:

  • Results are similar to those of a chemical peel or laser treatments, only with dry needling there is less damage done to the epidermis, which will in turn promote faster healing. More blood vessels and healthy skin is left in tact, which will also result in better long term results.
  • Compared to having collagen injected into your skin with injection treatments, dry needling instead causes the skin to naturally produce its own collagen, thus creating much more natural looking results.
  • Dry needling can be used on very sensitive areas with no risk of injury or permanent trauma to the skin, including the lower eyelids, around the eyes, lips, neck, and the back of your hands.
  • Common issues concerned with peels and laser treatments such as sun sensitivity, hyper-pigmentation, color loss or skin thinning are not of concern with dry needling.
  • Ideal for wrinkles, acne scarring, stretch marks, and larger/more noticeable scars.


***PLEASE NOTE***In order to get the best possible results with dry needling, you will be required to have both Vitamin A and Vitamin C creams/drops and be diligent in applying it 2-3 times daily to the treated areas throughout the entire healing period. Results can be amazing and well worth the effort in having smoother and younger looking skin.