FACE | AMOR is proud to present our 2 Day Microblading Class. This is a highly demanded procedure in the cosmetic industry, in which you will learn Theory, Shapes and Patterns, Products & Tools and hands on practice. These techniques and artistry required to reconstruct brows by maximizing existing lengths and/or widths, filling in voids, and assisting those who suffer from medical conditions such as alopecia or hair loss.

DAY 1 | 9 :00 AM - 3:30 PM


Face|Amor Introduction

Needle Sizes & Manual Tools

Practice Using Hand Tool on Artificial Skin


Microblading & Manual Blading Practice 

Eyebrow Patterns

DAY 2 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Model #1


Model #2



Course & Kit

Prerequisite: Previous Level 1 or Fundamentals Training & understanding of Theory and Colour

Cost: $2,500.00 ( + GST )

Location: Face Amor Beauty & Academy

Mahogany Village

#450 7 Mahogany Plaza SE,

Calgary, AB, T3M2P8


Face Amor Professional Deluxe Kit

Face Amor Hard Ruler

Face Amor Measuring Tape x10

Face Amor Cosmetic Pencil x10

Face Amor Aftercare Cards x10

Face Amor Disposable 18 Slant Blade x10

Face Amor Disposable Razor Blade x10

Practice Pencil

Disposable Microsticks x10

Zensa Numb

Practice Skin x3

Pigment Rings x10

Pigment Cups x 10

Vitamin A&D Ointment x10

Please email us at info@face-amor.com or call 403.271.2020 to register for this class..